All About Us...

All About Us...

Hey guys! Thank you to all of our loyal followers who have been with us from the start and welcome to all of you new followers...we appreciate each and every one of you. Because we have some new followers we thought it was time to re-introduce ourselves with a few super random facts about us...enjoy!

Yes we are sisters, but no we are not twins!! We get this a lot and we get it, we do look a lot alike. We both take it as a compliment and kind of secretly love it (maybe not so much in our teenage years lol). In reality though we are 17 months apart, Ashley is 31 and Vanessa is 30 (yup, we just threw our ages out there, we are owning it haha)

We are both taller than our parents and probably have been since the age of 14 haha (sorry Mom & Dad!). Vanessa is 5’10 and Ashley is 5’8.

We grew up on a farm 15 minutes west of the tiny hamlet of Spruce View, Alberta. We are true country girls at heart.

Between the two of us we have 3 beautiful children. Vanessa is Mama of two sweet and sassy girls Charlie (5) & Ivy (2) and Ashley is Mama to one silly and mischievous boy Bennett (18 months). We both also struggle(d) with infertility and hate that it has become so common for many Mama’s out there....we send so much love to those who face the same challenges.

We both have the luxury of lake living. Ashley lives in Sylvan Lake and Vanessa lives just a couple km’s away from Gull Lake. Two great Alberta lakes that we are lucky enough to call home. We spend many days at the lake with our kiddos and love every minute of it. This year hopefully our two youngest babes will be playing in the sand rather than eating it lol

Ashley is not a coffee drinker (I know what you are thinking, what, how, this possible?) but does love a good iced capp...her favourite cocktail is always a Bellini (and she can make a mean one). Vanessa is iced coffee obsessed (guys seriously, obsessed!) and enjoys caesars on the deck at home (or anywhere for that matter).

Vanessa’s favorite place to travel is hands down LAS VEGAS (lets go tomorrow, can we?). Ashley’s favourite place is hard to narrow down especially after Vanessa mentioned Las Vegas lol but either Mexico (because that is where she got married) or the Bahamas.

We both spend a lot of time together and when we are not hanging out/working we are chatting with each other... like I mean a lot you guys (ask our husbands lol)! But who else is going to know what removes crayon from the couch cushion the best, or what to make for dinner tonight or who to vent to when you already need a glass of wine and its only 9am?

Ashley loves a good scary movie... Vanessa DOES NOT.

Vanessa has a tattoo...Ashley Does not.

We are both into reality tv and not afraid to admit it (okay, maybe a little)... we are talking Real Housewives of (insert city here), the Bachelor, Big Brother... you get where we are going here.

We both make a pretty stellar team together. That is the beauty of having a business partner. If one of you is having an off day, the other is there to lift you back up. We support and encourage each other and have a lot of fun together in the process. Plus sometimes it means kid free dinner “ business meetings” and we are okay with that!

Our work days are not always pretty. We work from home and although we try to get everything done in the evenings, that doesn’t always work out. With 3 busy kiddos running around things can get wild in a hurry. It is not uncommon for one of us to be working on some orders while the other is rocking a cranky screaming toddler in her arms (again, so thankful to be a team). But we wouldn’t have it any other way, it is crazy but it is our crazy and that is okay!

Well there you have it, thanks for reading and getting to know us a bit better. We would love to hear more about you!

Ashley & Vanessa ❤

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